Here's what people say about Heroes and Heroines:

"An invaluable resource for writers working in any genre. This excellent book provides profound and provocative insights into the nature of the human condition. I expect it should prove useful not for writers alone but for all people curious about life's rich pageant."

--- Prof. Richard Walter, Screenwriting Chairman, UCLA's Dept. Film and Television

Tami D. Cowden, Caro LaFever, Sue Viders
Lone Eagle Publishing Co.

HEROES & HEROINES is a must have book for writers. The three authors have compiled a list of sixteen different personality types found in fiction, eight for men and eight for women. Each 'type' is given a general overview, with virtues and flaws, the possible background, and the styles that may manifest from the types.

For example, the first male type is The Chief. One of his virtues is being goal oriented, a flaw is being stubborn. This type wants to be in control - always. He's either a born leader or a conqueror.

A note... this is a very brief description of just this one type. Suggestions are made for the writer to explore the chief's background - WHY he's this way. Different occupations are given that might interest this man, such as a surgeon or a pilot. And this is all just a starting point!

All sixteen types are given this treatment. The authors explain the difference between core archetypes (when a chief is 'just' a chief), evolving archetypes (when a chief is becoming another type), and layered archetypes (when a chief is also another type). Then the authors go on to give possible interactions between the different types.

HEROES & HEROINES is going on my keeper shelf. I know that each of my characters will now have a deeper core, one that is built upon this wonderful guide. My hat is off to Ms. Cowden, Ms. LaFever and Ms. Viders. They have given the writing community a terrific tool in the quest to perfect our art."

--- Reviewed by Karen Larsen of Scribes World Reviews

"Finally! Fiction Archetypes made easy. My hat’s off to Cowden, LaFever and Viders for presenting character archetypes in a way that neatly satisfies the needs of today’s working writer. Whether you're ready to explore archetypes in depth or need a quick peek into what makes a particular character tick, this book delivers the goods. Stuffed with examples and cleverly organized, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO HEROES AND HEROINES earned a spot on my crowded bookshelf."

--- Debra Dixon, author of GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict

"I've found The Complete Writers Guide to Heroes and Heroines to be both fascinating and practical. The primary types as described by the authors provide a clear spine that immediately identifies the core drivers for a character upon which other character development can be layered and out of which conflict and plot logically flow. This book is a terrific reference for writers of all genres."

--- Sharon Mignerey, Romance Author of PROMISES TO KEEP (Silhouette Intimate Moments, Summer 2001)

"Anyone who doesn't buy it is risking having a huge hole in their technical book shelf. If you have trouble with GMC and in weaving your characters conflicts, then get The Complete Writer's Guide to HEROES AND HEROINES, Sixteen Master Archetypes. It will solve your problems and give you new insight into who they are, why they're doing what they're doing, and how to cure it. It lists in-depth profiles for each archetype as well as their flaws, values, compatible occupations and styles (variations on the archetype). I know it's going to be one of my keepers and one that is destined to become dog-eared from use. The Complete Writer's Guide to HEROES AND HEROINES, Sixteen Master Archetypes is the newest "must-have" in the essential writer's resource books."

--- Marge Smith, aka Elizabeth Sinclair , author of THE DREADED SYNOPSIS, order through my website.

"Just wanted to write and tell you how blown away I am by your fabulous book, The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes & Heroines. Wow! It should be on every serious writer's bookshelf. It certainly earned a permanent place on mine."

--- Kristin Gabriel

"My name is Debrah Morris and I have published over 20 collabortative romance novels for Silhouette, Berkley, Avon, and Dell. I recently sold my first solo novel to Silhouette Romance and have also completed a long historical and mainstream novel (solo). And, Tami, I want to tell you how much I love your book on archetypes. I have been writing for many years, but that small volume is by far the best how-to book I've seen in a long time. For my last proposal to Silhouette Romance, I had a great plot idea, but couldn't get focused on my h/h, which is the opposite of how I usually write. I knew what their basic conflicts would be, but when I read through the archetypes again, they sprung fully-formed from the pages like Athena from Zeus's head. The *boss* heroine and the *best-friend* hero were perfect for my story. I recently sent it off to Silhouette Romance and am waiting to hear from the editor."

--- Debrah Morris

"Many books attempt to show writers how to create believable characters. This one is unlike the majority: it specifically identifies 16 "master archetypes" complete with thumbnail sketches and descriptions of specific qualities, flaws, virtues, background, styles, and possible occupations... a thought provoking exploration of character development and its myriad possibilities."

--- Angela M. Weiler, Library Journal, July 2000

Here's what people say about my short stories, and the anthologies they appear in.

Praise for Love Sizzles


"A treasure trove o gems for a fleeting visit to places love always has a happily-every-after. . . Within these pages are 21 delightful tales of romance. Six talented authors have come to gether in this interesting variety of sweet and sensual love stories."

--- Susan Mobley, Reviewer for Romantic Times.

Praise for Love Mystifies


"This unique and varied anthology contains 21 stories of love and the paranormal. There is a bit of most everything here -- magic, fantasy, science fiction, suspense. Some will make you laugh, and some will make you cry, in this excellent collection of stories for anyone who loves romance with a bit of a twist."

--- Susan Mobley, Reviewer for Romantic Times.

"Meant to Be," one of my stories in Love Mystifies, was a 2001 finalist for The Prism.

Praise for Love Triumphs

Rated 5 Stars by Word Museum!!!

"As delectable as a gold-wrapped box of Valentine chocolates, "Love Triumphs" will have you gobbling up one story after another! A tasty short-story treasure."

--- Pam Johnson, Word Museum.

"Delightful, fun, and highly recommended!"


"Guaranteed to touch your heart!"


"Packed full of tiny treasures, each story a glittering gem."


"A definite page turner!"

--- Brandy Hunt, GenrEZONE

Love Triumphs was nominated for the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence in the Debut category by Reviewers International Organization!